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Updating the Adobe playerglobal.swc

When I was building the red5sip package on FlashBuilder 4.6, I got the following errors:

1046: Type was not found or was not a compile-time constant: MicrophoneEnhancedOptions. PhoneCanvas.mxml  /red5sip/src    line 158    Flex Problem 
1061: Call to a possibly undefined method getEnhancedMicrophone through a reference with static type Class. PhoneCanvas.mxml    /red5sip/src    line 157    Flex Problem 
1119: Access of possibly undefined property codec through a reference with static type    PhoneCanvas.mxml    /red5sip/src    line 146    Flex Problem 
1120: Access of undefined property MicrophoneEnhancedMode. PhoneCanvas.mxml /red5sip/src    line 159    Flex Problem 1180: Call to a possibly undefined method MicrophoneEnhancedOptions.    PhoneCanvas.mxml    /red5sip/src    line 158    Flex Problem


To solve the problem, the latest version of “playerglobal.swc” must be used. Here are the steps to do this:

1. Download the latest version of “playerglobal.swc” from Adobe here. The latest version as of this writing is “playerglobal11_7.swc”.

2. Create a folder using the version number under “[Flex-SDK-Home]\frameworks\libs\player\[version].” Here version should  be “11”.

3. Copy the file to this folder, and change the filename to “playerglobal.swc”.

4. On the Flash Builder, go to “Project” menu, then open up “Properties”. On the left pane, select “Flex Compiler”. On the right side, you can find “Adobe Flash Player options”. Select “Use a specific version” and input the version of latest  “playerglobal.swc”. Click “Apply”, then “OK”.

5. Now clean and build the project. Done.

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